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Cops say they've busted massive slot machine ring run out of Northern California storefronts | The Sacramento Bee

A criminal complaint filed Tuesday and unsealed on Friday charges four suspects – Yaniv Gohar; his brother, Orel Gohar; May Levy; and Eran Buhbut – with conducting an illegal gambling business. The four defendants made an initial appearance Friday in Sacramento federal court, with U.S. Magistrate Judge Carolyn K. Delaney ordering the release of Orel Gohar, Levy and Buhbut. The three were required to sign $50,000 unsecured bonds, surrender their passports and not enter any gambling establishments or gamble. Yaniv Gohar was ordered detained pending a hearing Monday after Delaney was told he had threatened to break the legs of potential witnesses in the case. Gohar told his attorney in court that he had made the statement simply because he was angry at being arrested, but Delaney declined to release him before the Monday hearing. The investigation began in September 2015 and followed a similar probe of a suspect known as “Dino the Casino,” an Israeli national named Nive Hagay who pleaded guilty last May to a count of illegal gambling and one count of cocaine distribution. He was sentenced to two years in prison and ordered to forfeit about $320,000 in cash, vehicles and other assets.

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